Who uses SlideManager:

Organizations that need centralized access to high-quality, up-to-date presentations use SlideManager.

They use SlideManager to solve the problems caused by supporting teams with PowerPoint; having slides on servers, in folders and duplicated on multiple hard drives. Almost always, they have tried and failed with the same common methods: SharePoint, cloud drives, CRM systems.

These problems frustrate PowerPoint designers and presenters and waste their time. Presenters need the right slides, right now.

Slide builders need to create slides that are well-designed, well written, and they need to update slides with fresh messages and new facts. But when slide builders are searching for slides or assembling presentations for others, they are taken away from perfecting their message and designs.

There must be a better way!

Why SlideManager is better:

bullet-earth  Available Anywhere
Access your slides, presentations or any document from anywhere with an internet connection – on Windows or Mac!

bullet-ipad    iPad Version
Need to access your slides and presentations remotely without a computer? Use our iPad App!

bullet-tags  Tags and Keywords
Search is a key aspect of presentation management. Search for your slides using tags and keywords No matter where the slides originated.

bullet-updates   Automatic Updates
When you update a slide in one location, it updates that slide everywhere in your slide library.

bullet-online   Present Online
Sometimes you want to download a presentation, sometimes you want to present online and sometimes you want to email a link of the presentation. SlideManager makes it easy to do all three!

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What Our Customers Say

“SlideManager is way better than anything I could do on my own.”
Kathy Henry, Edifecs
“I was thinking to myself the other day – what if something was to happen to SlideManager? We’d be up the creek without you guys!”
David Hartshorne, Owner, The New Science of Fixing Things
“I love how content management is collapsed into one place.  I did in 2 hours what would easily have taken 6 or more hours.”
Steve Deal, President & CEO, Indyme Solutions
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